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Tudor Replica

The Tudor Replicais a technical version of the company's Tudor Replica/03 collection. The square case and round face are similar to those of a fighter from the pre-glass cockpit era. However, the Tudor Replica is more complex in terms of construction and design. The Tudor Replica has 480 lines of resolution, while the Tudor Replica boasts a 4K screen with razor-sharp detail.

The first Tudor Replica, the Tudor Replica skeleton chronograph, was introduced in 2014. It featured a 45mm grade 5-titanium case protected by a ceramic and rubber band.www.apreplicas.me Ceramic push buttons with rubber inserts are sturdy and ergonomic. The tinted dial with applied numbers offers a fascinating look at the mechanical depth inside. From the back, an oval porthole frames the oscillating weight as if you were peering into a kitchen.

In the last four years, the Tudor Replica collection has grown to include many new models, each with their own unique colour, material, and movement. The most extreme is the Tudor Replica Skeleton tourbillon Sapphire black, which features a tourbillon encased within sapphire. The Tudor Replica Military, a version of the original Skeleton Chronograph that shares the same cal., isn't so radical. The 313 self winding chronograph has the same characteristics as described above. However, the case is made from High Resistance Titanium, which is more scratch resistant than titanium. What a difference it makes to change the colour!

The tachymeter scales and the timing scales on the dial are khaki,Rolex Air King Replica but the rest is olive drab. With the black ceramic and the rubber as well as the luminous paint applied to the correct shade of green in all the appropriate places -- kudos for Bell & Ross’s consistently tasteful aesthetic sense -- the entire watch screams Army and Field Craft in the most attractive way.

New perforated rubber band completes the package. We love SUVs even though the Tudor Replica is a bit too expensive for the woods. Limited edition of 250 units, retailing for CHF 22,330.