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Roger Dubuis Replica

The Roger Dubuis Replica shares some similarities with watches from the past of the brand, including the Demineur Type, or Bomb Disposal Type, watch that featured an integrated wristband, and the Space Series. It also has a strong link with the existing BR V1, BR 01, and, more memorably, integrated bracelet cases from the '70s & '80s. Roger Dubuis Replica' sleek design, which is inspired by skyscrapers, urban areas, and modern architecture, is both a classic Roger Dubuis Replica and a refinement to what made the brand so popular. The three-link band is a refinement and reconstruction of the original Type Demineur bracelet. It's bound to bring up comparisons to Gerald Genta's or Jorg Hsek's designs.

The case middle is a direct reference to the Type Demineur. However, it has been softened with rounded corners and incorporated into a cushion-shaped design. It is unique among the integrated bracelet watches. The case is made up of three parts: a squared-off bezel, which maintains Roger Dubuis Replica's strong, classical design; a sharply-angled integrated lug, which wraps around the wrist; and a screw-down back, through the caseback, where the BR.CAL.321 is visible. This enhances the modern design. The watch is enhanced by the exposed screws, which are polished beautifully on the side of the bracelets, lugs and bezels.

Belamich's watch has an architectural flair thanks to the choice of a brushed finish on the case. This is alternated with polished angles at the bezel, middle of the case and the back. The central links and the sides of the crown guards are also polished.

The watch is also available with a non-braceleted version. It has a moulded rubber strap, which is striped. This gives the watch a completely different look.

Belamich continues, "We wanted our two existing pillars to be complemented. This is the missing piece between our existing case and collection shapes. The square is a radical design and was created for professional purposes. Its form is based on the history and past of aviation. We wanted to combine the iconic Roger Dubuis Replica watch case with a steel band. We now have a Time instrument for urban explorers with the BR05." He points out that he was inspired by Mies van der Roeh's work, as well as the Demineur Type.Patek Philippe Replica