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Dear reader,

Thank you for your support. will no longer be publishing new material and now exists as an archive. The decision to stop publishing, made in early 2015, was a difficult one as we saw several artists and areas of research that we had promoted over the past several yearsfinally reach a level of recognition. We have overseen the journal develop in ways we felt were important. So, as we reflect on over a decade of work, we are proud of where we left off. A site that began as a commercial venture preceding the Latin American art boom, took stock of its priorities and transitioned into a not-for-profit art journal.

Foregrounding the kinds of practices in the journal that affirm a belief in community and collaboration, albeit critically and sometimes skeptically, was of paramount importance. Establishing abridge of conversations that would extend geographic boundaries was equally as important. Our name might have placed us within a particular site, but the conditions of being from the Americas, the expansive endurance of memory, extends to the sprawl of Los Angeles as equally as it does to the highlands of Ecuador. One final commitmentwe made to ourselves was to be open to the kinds of art and cultural practices that most art journals would not have taken on. Being open to the most experimental of practices was not taken from a reactionary position, but was born from a belief in the artists and the artistic process itself.

The journal, and its contents - often tracing the various phases and priorities along the way - will remain online in an archival form for the foreseeable future. For this and many other things we can thank the Argentine-born philanthropist Dr. Hector Ziperovich, for whom an investment in this venture was a labor of love and responsibility. We would also be remiss if we didn't take into account the various colleagues who lent their expertise over the years: Cynthia, Susana, Adrian, Donna, Marvella and many others who have made this site possible. Finally, we wish to thank our most recent team of collaborators: Paul, Gabriel, Tony, Anissa and especially Bill and Maria Fernanda for their enduring support and professionalism. We have thoroughly enjoyed this ride, and we hope we leave some evidence of that behind.

July, 2015