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featured exhibition
"It’s the Political Economy, Stupid!"

Capitalism is the Crisis by Oliver Ressler
Center for Cultural Decontamination,
09/30/13 - 10/06/13
Belgrade, Serbia

The exhibition will not (yet) make Wall Street feel uneasy; (...) What it does do is try to look at the future, beyond what was created and destroyed so far on the current principles of the flow of capital.


featured exhibition
Chile 1973-2013: Memory, Accountability and Reparation

eman si pasión/parti si pasión by Cecilia Vicuña
University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art,
11/18/13 - 11/21/13
Colchester, England

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the coup in Chile and the acquisition of palabrarma (1974) and eman si pasión/ parti si passion (1974), by the Chilean Cecilia Vicuña, the University of Essex dedicated Latin American Week to Chile.