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El cuchillo by Eduardo       Molinari

El Parque Problema by Eduardo       Molinari

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Eduardo Molinari

El Parque Problema by Eduardo       Molinari


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Eduardo Molinari
(b. 1961, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Molinari is a visual artist who lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2001 he founded the Archivo Caminante (Walking Archive), a visual archive in progress that delves into existing and imaginary relations between art, history and politics. Walking as an aesthetic practice, research using art methodologise and interdisciplinary work form the core of his work. His artwork is made up of paintings, drawings, photographs, collages, installations, interventions in public spaces, films and publications. Since 1997 he has been teaching at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón and since 2000 at the Visual Arts and Fire Arts Departments of the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte (IUNA) in Buenos Aires. In 2010 he founded and co-directs, together with the visual artist Azul Blaseotto, the "La Dársena Platform for Thought and Artistic Interaction" a cultural space in Almagro, Buenos Aires.

His most recent projects include Civilización o Barbarie (Civilization or Barbarism, photography and collage) and Los Niños de la Soja.2 (The Children of Soy.2, wall installation), part of the El Panteón de los Héroes collective exhibition, Fundación OSDE, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Los Niños de la Soja (installation, publication) forms part of Principio Potosí ¿Cómo podemos cantar el canto del Señor en tierra ajena? (The Potosí Principle: How Can We Sing the Lord’s Praises in a Foreign Land?), a traveling collective exhibition and investigation shown at the Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Center, Madrid, Spain (2010)/ House of World Cultures, Berlin, Germany (2010) and the MNA/Ethnography and Folklore Museum in La Paz, Bolivia (2011). Following an invitation by the International University of Andalusia, Seville, Spain (UNIA), he gave a seminar, ¿Pueden las mulas cruzar el océano? (Can Mules Cross the Ocean?), as part of the Narrativas de Fuga, Arte y Pensamiento (Flight, Art and Thought Narratives) program (2010). Awarded a scholarship by the Akademie der Künste in Berlin and as an artist in residence invited by the Weltecho Gallery in Chemnitz, Germany (2007/08), he made the tryptich Tras los pasos de los hombres de maíz (In the Footsteps of the Corn Men -- installation, film, publication). Co-author with Nicolás Varchausky of the sound and visual nocturnal intervention Tertulia, presented at the Recoleta Cemetery (2005) /Buenos Aires International Theater Festival (2005) and at the Mirogoj Cemetery/ Eurokaz International Theater Festival, Zagreb, Croatia. El Camino Real (The Highway, installation, publication). Molinari formed part of the Ex Argentina, Pasos de fuga del trabajo al hacer collective exhibition and investigation at the Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany (2004), and El Parque Problema (The Problem Park, installation, publication with Jürgen Stollhans and Pedro Hasperué) formed part of ExArgentina, Lanormalidad / Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2006).

Interview by Nancy Garín, artist, researcher and activist.

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