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Public sculpture on the outskirts of Monterrey by Colectivo       Tercerunquinto

Public sculpture on the outskirts of Monterrey by Colectivo       Tercerunquinto

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Colectivo Tercerunquinto

Public sculpture on the outskirts of Monterrey by Colectivo       Tercerunquinto


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(Collective formed in Monterrey, Mexico) Its members live and work in Monterrey and Mexico City, Mexico

Tercerunquinto carries out projects that show the links between architecture, sculpture, urbanism and public spaces. The collective was formed in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1996. Since 1998 its members consist of Julio Castro (b. Monterrey, 1976), Gabriel Cázares (b. Monterrey, Mexico, 1978), and Rolando Flores (b. Monterrey, 1975). They have produced works that question the limits between public spaces and private spaces by examining the socially defined borders that define those limits. In 2005 Tercerunquinto created Open Access at The Power Plant, Toronto, by transforming a window into a parallel entry to the building’s main entrance, thus providing an access that evaded institutional filters. Starting with an analysis of urban architecture, these artists explore the social, cultural and political impact of architectural constructions. Tercerunquinto values discussion and negotiation as factors for collective cohesion, and views them as key strategies in their artistic process.

In 2004 Tercerunquinto received the blueOrange award for young artists. Their recent individual exhibitions include: IN RESIDENCE, New Langton Arts, San Francisco, USA (2007); Investiduras Institucionales (Institutional Investitures), Centro de las Artes de Nuevo León, Monterrey, Mexico (2007); Casa del Lago, Sugerencias para una nueva sede (Casa del Lago: Suggestions for a New Site), Casa del Lago, Mexico City, Mexico (2006); Proyecto para escultura pública en la periferia urbana de Monterrey (Project for a Public Sculpture on the Outskirts of Monterrey), Bulletin Board Project, CCA Watts Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco, USA (2006); and Ampliación de un área verde, (Extending a Green Area), Galería Nina Menocal, Mexico City, Mexico (2004). Collective exhibitions include: Please Excuse Our Appearance, Ikon Eastside, Birmingham, United Kingdom (2007); Habitat/Variations, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva, Switzerland (2007); Suitcase Illuminated 5 on Parallel Economy, P74 Center and Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2007); and the Lisbon Architecture Triennial, Mexico Pavilion, Lisbon, Portugal (2007).

In this 2007 interview independent curator María del Carmen Carrión speaks to the collective about their latest work and their understanding of notions such as social sculpture and public space.

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