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Cabine para Isolamento [Cabin for Isolation] by Elaine       Tedesco

Guaritas [Booths] by Elaine       Tedesco

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Elaine Tedesco

Guaritas [Booths] by Elaine       Tedesco


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Elaine Tedesco
(b. 1963 Porto Alegre, Brazil) Lives and works in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

She received a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (1987) and a Master’s in Visual Poetics (2002) from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Since the 1990s she has taken part in numerous individual and collective exhibitions, particularly in Porto Alegre and also in São Paulo, Río de Janeiro, Passo Fundo, Curitiba, Brasilia and Bahía. Since her first series, Aparatos para o Sono [Apparatus for Sleep] (1991), she has been investigating our relationship with the body and the evoking of sensations and intermediate psychic states. She establishes links between objects and the exhibition space and, since 1992, has been taking part in temporary intervention projects in uninhabited places or gardens as part of the Arte Constructora group, made up of artists residing in Porto Alegre and São Paulo.

She consistently explores the relationship between space, objects, installations and spectators. Beds, booths or stairs are placed and housed in different situations, motivating bodily experiences and reflections on the interval and passage between interior/exterior, contemplation/action. Her later work highlights the permanent split or migration in her work - objects, installations or interventions - towards new visualities. She photographs her installations and projects them, through slides, on abandoned architecture. Superposiciones Urbanas (2004) and Superposiciones Imprecisas (2003 ) were projections in different interior cities in Brazil. Designed as points of exchange with travellers and the artists invited to participate through open workshops. In Garitas she projected photos of safety deposit boxes on facades of buildings in Porto Alegre , São Paulo and Belem . These images were captured for new photographs.

Among her individual shows are included Cabinas para Aislamiento and Camas Públicas at the Central Public Market of Porto Alegre (1999) and Elaine Tedesc at Centro Cultural São Paulo (1996). She has coordinated collective projects like Sobreposiciones Urbanas in Porto Alegre ( 2004) and Proyecto Areal as part of the Petrobras Programe for Visual Arts (2002). She has participated in the 1st (1997) , 2nd (1999) and the 5th (200) Mercosur Biennials . Her work is included in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Curitiba, Museum of Modern Art of Bahia, Contemporary Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre and Brasilia Art Museum.

In the interview Virginia Gil Araujo explores the changes in her work and her participation in the 5th Mercosul Biennial (2005) where research converges from different series of works.

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