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Sublime  by        Slanguage

Looters, hooters and six shooters  by        Slanguage

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Looters, hooters and six shooters  by        Slanguage


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(Los Angeles, 2002)

Slanguage is made up of the Los Angeles-based artists Juan Capistran (b. 1973) and Mario Ybarra Jr. (b. 1973). Both received their MFA's from the University of California at Irvine. Their ongoing collaboration resulted in the creation of an artist-run space in Wilmington, near Los Angeles called Slanguage.

The Slanguage project began in the summer of 2002 allowing multiple artists to work alone or in collaboration with Capistran and Ybarra. The projects consist of drawings, sculptures, installations, single channel videos, and performances. Both artists are interested in investigating contemporary art making in terms of experimental processes that include video or audio "clashes" and other media.

This year both artists have exhibited and performed together at 4F Gallery in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions while individually Capistran has recently shown at Lombard/Fried Fine Arts in New York and Ybarra will be at Chisenhale Gallery in London.

In this 2003 interview with curator Rita Gonzalez for a conversation entitled: "Eddie Olmos and the Future Conceptualists: An Interview with Juan Capistran and Mario Ybarra Jr."

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