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Alfredo Jaar


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(b. Santiago, Chile, 1956).
Jaar currently lives and works in New York City. Having studied architecture and film-making, Jaar works in photography and installation. Since 1986, he has created over fifty extensive projects involving research on geo-political crises. Jaar's work questions and confronts issues of economic and political power, as exercised by the first world onto the third world. Issues he addresses in his work include labor exploitation, environmental degradation, ethnic cleansing and human displacements as a result of war. His projects often involve critiques of art institutions, highlighting the role museums play in the promotion of economic and political interests. Jaar has used billboards, light boxes, and other publicity materials in his photo-installations, through which he emphasizes the contrast between the commercial world and the documentary image. His recent work includes The Rwanda Project, produced between 1994 and 1998. Presented in a variety of f

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