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Armando Rascón


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(b. Calexico, California, 1956).
Armando Rascón lives and works in San Francisco, California. Rascón received a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Born and raised on the US-Mexico border, Rascón's childhood was informed by the language and symbolism of the 1960s nascent Chicano civil rights and cultural movements. A member of the second generation of politically conscious Chicano artists, Rascón has created over the last decade, installation and collaborative works that address the US-Mexico border and postcolonialism within a historical continuum that includes broad social and cultural issues. Rascón's archeologies of the cultural and sociopolitical histories and legacies of the frontera zone have explored Chicano history and its absence in US representation and pedagogy, as well as alternative methods for Chicano self-representation and information distribution. Most recently, he organized, in collaboration with community volun

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