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The uses of the image: photography, film and video in the Jumex Collection

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Maja and Elodie by Sharon        Lockhart

Singapore, 1997 by Andreas        Gursky

Untitled (Projector) by Tom        Friedman

Tiergarten, Berlin, August 13 by Rineke        Dijkstra

Island Within an Island by Gabriel       Orozco

Island Within an Island by Gabriel       Orozco
Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires,
Sep 29, 2004 - Nov 22, 2004
Buenos Aires , Argentina

The Jumex Collection in Buenos Aires
by Viviana Usubiaga

Outstanding among the works making up the showcase are the disturbing portraits by Reinke Dijkstra. His photographs investigate those transitional states - in between phases - where the human condition is debated. Adolescents transitioning past puberty, women just after giving birth and recently-garbed bullfighters are some of the states selected for an intimate exploration. The Olivier Silva series forms an exemplary work in connection with this situation. A young man photographed over the course of several years, from before his entry to the Foreign Legion until he leaves, showing from moment to moment the contradictions, instabilities and fluctuations through which he passes and which finally convert him into a soldier. The "objective" nature of the photographic image is used as a device to access a basic truth appearing on the surface, in this case the young man’s face.

The large-sized photographs of the so-called Dusseldorf school occupy a predominating place in this selection of contemporary names; though this presence, in almost perfect attendance, is an uneven representation of the collection as a whole. Within the most interesting and representative work of this group are the impeccable architectural interiors of Cándida Höfer, which include the striking MIT Cambridge, a general view of an improvised study class in the basketball gymnasium of the school. The idealized fictions of Thomas Demand should also be mentioned, made into fragile and perishable cardboard models. Flare is a group of 28 images simulating different moments in which the sun filters between the leaves of a tree, patiently reproduced in cardboard, as though recording a moment of contemplation. These artists, each through his individual work, attempts to recover different ways of observing "reality", based on the critical use of the camera as a device for conceptual recording.

The works of Francys Alÿs, the Belgian born artist living in Mexico, are an essential chapter within the actions and performances that utilize video or photography as documentary support. When Faith moves mountains is an epic Project in which 500 volunteers moved a sand dune on the outskirts of the city of Lima, armed solely with a shovel and effort. Also outstanding are the numerous records of his Hypothesis of a walk, numbered and rotulated photographic files documenting sundry actions, such as hauling a block of ice until it melts, walking with magnets inside a pair of shoes until all possible metals have been attached, or traveling from Tijuana to San Diego without crossing the border. In each case, the artist records contemporary fables within respective poetic actions by means of a visual writing process.

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