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Curatorial Practices
Behind Television: The New Images of Peruvian Art Video
by José-Carlos Mariótegui

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The language of present video art in Peru is a complex (in)definition that allows for an (in)finite series of variants. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate an experimental short from an art video; many times it is simply impossible. Although Latin American media artists have not been able to completely overcome a minimal infrastructure for research and production, their position is not the same as it was a decade ago. Today, the low cost of electronic equipment makes the creation of works easier and allows for a decrease in production costs, thus inspiring new and creative explorations, alternative to the traditional format.

Perhaps the defining feature of the present production of video art in Peru lies in its heterogeneity, since, being in essence a new medium, there are no established traditions or historical references. This allows the young producers an unusual freedom in the Peruvian art world. In present day Peruvian video there is no single conceptual line; that is why many of these works make use of the contrast or the decontextualization of a situation or image in order to re-create it. This transgressive vision of the real reaffirms one of the most interesting characteristics in Peruvian electronic art: its direct relation with the local social surroundings (life itself) and the way in which it crosses spaces between the public and the private. This young and renewed vision allows us to catch a glimpse of electronic art as one of the most promising panoramas of the visual arts in Peru. This selection of videos and electronic art gives a sweeping vision of the trends still being formed and developed in the country and provides a clear reflection of the hybridism and richness of current artistic proposals.

Curated by José-Carlos Mariátegui for ATA Projects (High Andean Technology)


Roger Atasi
"I, Robot" / 1999 / 6:00

Rafel Besaccia
"Magna Opera Opus 2 — Love Again"
1998 / 8:00

çlvaro Zavala
"Atipanakuy" / 2000 / 7:00

Carlos Letts
"Chumay on Air" / 2001 / 3:00
Click here to see the video

Roger Atasi
"Popstar" / 2000 / 3:00
Click here to see the video

Fermí­n Tanguis
"Blah Blah Blah" / 2002 / 4:00

Felipe Morey /Erivan Pomphiu /Kike Riesco
"S/T" / 2000 / 4:00

Diego Velázquez
"The Lucky Break (The Gig)" / 2002 / 5:00

Carlos Troncoso
"One million jobs" / 5:00

Iván Lozano
"Where do you live? (What a rich combination)"
2001 / 4:00

José Luis Carbajal:
"9 Hz" / 2002 / 11:00
Click here to see the video

Diego Lama
"Schizo Uncopyrighted" / 2002 / 6:00

Arias and Aragón
"AM — PM (Hidden Message)" / 2001 /3:00

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